How long does it take to get a loan?
If all requirements are adequately met, it can be disbursed in 24hours.
How do i open a Cash Connect Microfinance Bank personal current account?
How do i log in to internet banking?
How do i report a lost or stolen card?
I don't recognise a card payment, what can i do?
I have received suspicious email- What can i do?
What happens if I default in my repayment?
A penalty charge is issued when payment is defaulted and also reported to Credit Bureau.
How do I access your loan services?
What is the minimum / maximum loan limit I can access?
What is your interest rate on loans?
What are your loan requirements?
Do you offer loans to SMEs?
Are your loan services location specific?
FAQ on nearest location
Office Address N0 8 Kanike Close off Awolowo Road Ikoyi, Lagos. Contact Phone Number +234 816 417 0082. +234 816 481 1317 +234 906 2547157 Contact Email info@cashconnectng.com
What services do you offer?
What are the benefits of opening an account with you?
What is your interest rate per annum?
Who are eligible to get a loan?
What type of loan services do you offer?
Do I need to open an account before I can get a loan?

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